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Terms of use


Purpose of the site MilaMa map is the presentation and sale of jewelry made by Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa. Unauthorized access to the site and unauthorized use of Site Content will be recognized in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia. Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa reserves the right to block access to the site to users who are in breach of legal provisions and the common practice in the field of protection of copyright and respect for privacy.

Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa may change information on the MilaMa site without prior notice.

Design, images and site content are property of MilaMa Art Jewelry Studio and is protected by copyright. Pictures of MilaMa jewelry may not be published without prior written consent of Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa.




Privacy Notice


Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa guarantee the security and privacy of data about customers and visitors to the MilaMa web site (
Solely for the purpose of delivery of goods ordered, the customer is required to enter his name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

If the site visitor wants, he can subscribe to the MilaMa mailing list. For this registration, the necessary information is e-mail address only. At any time, users can opt to check out from the list of users. In this case, all recorded information about the user are deleted from the database.

MilaMa supports the fight against spam messages and therefore will never make available to third parties information about its users without their consent.

Access to personal information of the site users and buyers of jewelry MilaMa is limited to owners of Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa and associates as this information is necessary to be able to provide the user or customer with the service required.

It is assumed that users are in agreement with the conditions and privacy policy approach by the use of site MilaMa.




Guaranteed quality


All materials in jewelry MilaMa are of superior quality, purchased from abroad or from official importer and distributor. The materials used in making jewelry:

Polymer clay - FimoSoft and FimoClassic manufacturers Eberhad Faber. Each element of the jewelry made of polymer clay is baked on  temperature of exactly 110C. Oven temperature is measured and controlled with a specially designed thermometer since for the quality and durability of jewelry firing is of a paramount importance. After baking, each piece is hand-sanded using "water" emery of different fineness. To smooth surface at least 4 different measuring emery is used. After sanding, each piece is buffed using fabrics of different fineness, to achieve the desired gloss. Some pieces of jewelry are varnished, depending on the desired final effect.

Beads (which are not handmade from polymer clay) - mainly used are high quality Czech glass beads. Depending on the design, they are combined with beads of metal and wood. Semi-precious stones and crystals are also used. All beads that are used for making jewelry MilaMa are purchased new directly from the importer. Information about all related material are listed in the description of the product, according to the importer or distributor specification.

Swarovski crystals - If the product description stated that Swarovski crystals are used, it means that we used the original Swarovski crystals imported from Austria and Hungary. To create jewelry MilaMa, we don’t use imitation Swarovski crystals.

Findings - Usually are metal parts (different buckles, rings, hooks etc.) in the color of gold, silver, brass or copper, and silver-plated and gold-plated fittings. Wherever possible, hooks for earnings are made of sterling silver or nickel-free or lead-free metal to reduce the probability of allergic reactions when wearing earring. Type of metal that is used on each piece of jewelry is clearly listed in the product description.

Stringing materials - only quality materials from well known manufacturers are used. Usually these are cable (steel wire coated with plastic or other metal), silver plated and gold-plated wire, strips of genuine leather, cotton string, strips of rubber, strong plastic strings and the alike.




Use and care of jewelry

MilaMa jewelry is made with a desire to be not only looks attractive but also durable if used and kept with care.

- Keep jewelry dry. If it gets moisten, the jewelry should be dried as soon as possible with a dry soft cloth.

- If cleaning is necessary, it is enough to wipe jewelry with a damp cloth.

- For hygiene reasons, earnings should not be shared with other people. From time to time clean earnings with some antiseptic means.

- Do not leave jewelry near heat sources. Also, do not leave it on the direct strong sunlight.

- Polymer clay can react with perfumes, deodorants and hear spays. Therefore, do not spray anything directly on the jewelry.

- When you come in contact with strong chemical means, which can damage the jewelry, you should not wear jewelry in order to avoid any possible contact.

- Jewelry is composed of small parts, which can be swallowed, and it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of small children and pets.

- It is desirable that the jewelry is kept separate or wrapped in soft cloth to avoid scratching and damage to the hard metal parts and other pieces of jewelry.







- If a reasonable instructions were followed and jewelry was used and  stored with care, and yet come to a certain defect or malfunction, please send e-mail describing the damage to and if possible, the jewelry will be repaired and returned.

- At the reception of the new jewelry, the package should carefully examined. Do not receive a damaged box.

- Examine a jewelry before removing  labels attached to it or discarding original packing and its contents. These are essential elements in the case of returning the product for any reason.

-If you receive a damaged product, send an e-mail to All fractures and damage must be reported by e-mail within 24 hours of receiving the product. In this case, pack the damaged product in original packaging, with the label and all content and send it to the Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa. If the complain is justified, the damaged item will be repaired, replaced or will be refunded, depending on the agreed upon options. If you choose to have your money back, it will be done within 3 working days of receipt of the damaged jewelry and acceptance of complain.

- Purchased jewelry, if not used, you can restore or replace. Jewelry can be returned within 5 days of receipt. Please, in this case, send an e-mail to and explain the reason for return. Returned jewelry will be accepted and refunded or jewelry replaced, if:

  • Returned product is in new and unused condition
  • Original label is intact on the jewelry
  • Returned jewelry is packaged in original packaging (including all the additional content - sponge, cloth, etc.)

New and unused condition implies: that the product was not used, there are no signs of wear, scratches or marks, tap and smell of perfume and other scented materials, the label on the product is undamaged and in original packaging in which the article was received.

- For hygiene and health reasons, earnings can not be returned or replaced.

-Goods that are returned to the Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa remain the responsibility of the sender (customer) until it is the delivered to the Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa by the service that delivers the goods. Art Jewelry Studio MilaMa assumes no liability for lost or damaged goods due to a return, replacement and return.

- All shipping costs to return the goods bear the customer, except in the case of justified complaints.







Jewelry MilaMa is sold through the web site Ordered items are paid on delivery, on the territory of Serbia. For orders from abroad, it is necessary that the total amount of the purchase is paid directly to the bank account MilaMa Art Jewelry Studio, according to the instructions that you will receive via e-mail. Shipping costs are borne by the purchaser, except in the special offers. All details related to the shipping will be communicated to you when ordering.

If you want me to create a custom piece of jewelry for your needs, please contact me at

Your orders will be sent within 5 working days of receipt of orders, or receipt of payment for purchases from abroad. In case of delays in delivery, you will promptly be informed by e-mail on the e-mail address you entered when completing an order.

Jewelry is sent in the resistant packaging in an attempt that it comes to you in good condition. We recommend that you do not receive packages that are damaged, and inform us via e-mail at


















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