Radionica za izradu umetnickog nakita




All polymer clay. Made for my best friend as a birthday present. Each bead is made from the same color palette, has the same shape, but different technique is applied to each bead. More on techniques read on my blog.


Red jaspis from Taiwan, Swarovski crystalized and filligree polymer clay beads.

Only for Sanja

Asimetric coral chips necklace with focal point of polymer clay. Commision.


Attractive polymer clay necklace inspired by India.


Polymer clay set (necklace and bracelet), "comb" technique.

Mr. Smith Goes to the Opera

Polymer clay pendant in skinner blend technique, embellished with a single glass bead.

Fall Leaves

Polymer clay, decorated with glass beads and mica powder in gold and copper colors.

LBD accessory

Polymer clay decorated with metal leaves in silver tone.


Polymer clay, two shades of grey, "mokume gane" technique.

Faux Wood

Polymer clay, imitation of wood. Combined with brass elements.

English Rose

Wooden beads are painted with acrylic colors and decorated in decoupage technique. Beads are strung on organdie ribbons in matching colors.

My Africa

Polymer clay combined with small glass beads in ivory color.


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