Radionica za izradu umetnickog nakita



Royal purple errings No.2

Sterling silver and Swarovski earrings.


Sterling silver and Swarovski crystalized earrings.


Swarovski crystalized and sterling silver.


Fantastic necklace - over 100 Swarovski crystalized on gold-filled wire.

Fall 2012 No.3

Hand crafted bronze pendant on a heavy chain. Pendant: 1.37in, chain: 18in x 0.11in.

Fall 2012

Natural jasper necklace, copper elements. Length: 22.5in.

In Vino Veritas No.10

Polymer clay pendant on silver-filled chain.

In Vino Veritas No.9

Polymer clay pendant strung on a buna cord.

101 Dalmatians

Natural gemstones jasper and black onyx and sterling silver.

Fifth Element

Pendant. Pure silver and natural gemstone back onyx and blue lace agate. Size: 1.57in x 0.78in. 15gr of silver.

Is there a bamboo in Panama canal?

Collection "Arsenic and Old Lace". Is there a better person than Teddy Brewster to tell if there's any bamboo in the Panama canal? Name doesn't ring a bell? it's time to enjoy again a fabulous play. Pendant from polymer clay and pure silver strung on bun


Pendant. Pure silver and natural gemstone. Size: 1.57in x 0.78in. 15gr of silver.

Royal Blue

Silver and Swarovski crystalized set - necklace and earrings.

Milky Way No.4

Polymer clay pendant, faux stone, steel wire choker.

Tea Time

Set of polymer clay, soft satin powdery shades and one of my favorite technique "Ghost Image".


Pendant. Pure silver and natural gemstone.

Silver Chain

Attractive polymer clay necklace.


From the collection R(omantic) R(evived) inspired by dresses by Jovana Životić. Polymer clay and Swarovski crystalized.

Good Morning Sunshine!

One of the first, and my favorite, polymer clay necklace. It is now framed and hang on the wall in my studio. It is my artistic sanctuary.

Gold Chain

Polymer clay necklace. Sold as a present for one mom from her daughter.


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